Blonde Roots (Bernardine Evaristo)

No, this book isn’t about hair.  This is the other kind of Roots (note the italics)…except Evaristo has flipped the script.  What if, in some alternate reality, blacks had enslaved whites?  What – if anything – would be different?  And before you ask, this isn’t some alt-right “reverse racism” fantasy.  Rather, Evaristo shows that while … Continue reading Blonde Roots (Bernardine Evaristo)


Bird Walk Through the Bible (Virginia Holmgren)

In my experience, church libraries are often fairly lackluster, and/or stocked with naked propaganda for that particular church’s beliefs.  Occasionally, though, you run across something unique.  Bird Walk Through the Bible was one of these rare finds.  I first spotted it in a UCC church, but never read it – I didn’t know if I … Continue reading Bird Walk Through the Bible (Virginia Holmgren)