About and Comment Policy

Welcome to Raking Leaves.   This is my personal blog, and though I plan to focus mainly on book reviews and history (esp. New England topics), there are no content restrictions and I could blog about basically anything.  I always appreciate feedback and discussion, so feel free to comment, but please follow the ground rules.


  1. All comments are moderated.  In general, I do not block negative or contrary comments and am willing to engage in a good faith discussion/debate.  If you behave like a troll, you will first be put in “time out” and allowed to return at my discretion.  If your behavior does not improve, you will be blocked permanently.  If I already know you to be a troll from other blogs, I will skip this process and block you as soon as you comment.


  1. If you post any comment or link to any site supporting, encouraging or advocating for criminal activity or hate speech (white supremacy, anti-Semitism, men’s rights, etc.), your comment will be blocked, an explanation will be posted in the thread, and you will be put in permanent moderation.  This applies only to comments/links meant as endorsements, not to comments/links meant as examples for critique.


  1. Favorable citations of conspiracy theory sites – including but not limited to InfoWars and Natural News – will not be let through moderation, and the poster will be asked to provide an alternative citation from a reliable source.


  1. Again, this is my personal blog, so I make the final call on whether you have violated this comment policy.