The Town That Forgot How to Breathe (Kenneth Harvey)

I don’t often read Amazon reviews to help me decide if a book is worth my time.  This is mostly because I want to interpret the book for myself, rather than just see other people’s interpretations of it as I’m reading.  Despite not reading reviews first, I rarely end up hating the books I read.  … Continue reading The Town That Forgot How to Breathe (Kenneth Harvey)


Anne of Avonlea (Lucy Maud Montgomery)

This second book in the Anne series picks up immediately where the first one, Anne of Green Gables, left off. At the end of the last book, Anne’s dreams of going to college were derailed by Matthew’s sudden death and Marilla’s deteriorating eyesight. Faced with the prospect of Marilla going blind unless she has someone … Continue reading Anne of Avonlea (Lucy Maud Montgomery)