Frankenstein (Mary Shelley)

Frankenstein is one of those stories that has transcended the original novel to become a phenomenon.  Maybe you read it in high school and haven’t picked it up since.  In any case, you’ve probably seen one of the many movies, or else absorbed the premise just from culture in general (or at least from Halloween).  … Continue reading Frankenstein (Mary Shelley)


The Stepford Wives (Ira Levin)

The Stepford Wives is famous, but you already know that.  So famous, in fact, that the book has achieved transcendence and become a phrase unto itself.  A “Stepford wife” is a woman so domestic and submissive to her husband that it’s a bit difficult to believe.  I encountered this phrase a lot running my last … Continue reading The Stepford Wives (Ira Levin)