Animal Farm (George Orwell)

I swear it’s a complete accident that this post immediately follows my last one about The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.  I did not reread Animal Farm as part of an allegories-with-talking-animals kick.  Rather good timing, though, albeit a very different sort of allegory.  No, I reread Animal Farm because since the last time … Continue reading Animal Farm (George Orwell)


The Scarlet Plague (Jack London)

The Scarlet Plague is included in the collection Fantastic Tales (see previous review), but since it’s really more of a novella than a short story, and brings up plenty to discussion topics, I’m giving it its own review.  (Above is the cover of the first edition.) First, the plot.  The Scarlet Plague is set several … Continue reading The Scarlet Plague (Jack London)