Count Karlstein (Philip Pullman)

Like the Sally Lockhart books, I’d been intending to read this for a long time. It turned out to be a bit different than I expected (based on the plot synopsis I’d read years ago and half-remembered) – fortunately, in a good way.   Count Heinrich Karlstein is your typical cranky, reclusive nobleman, living in … Continue reading Count Karlstein (Philip Pullman)


The Tin Princess (Philip Pullman)

The last installment of the Sally Lockhart series, and one of the books I brought along on my recent trip to Florida. The other was Count Karlstein, another Pullman – and I promise, I do actually read other authors, and these will be the last Pullmans for the moment. Maybe someday I’ll tackle his best-known … Continue reading The Tin Princess (Philip Pullman)