The Call of the Wild (Jack London) and White Fang (Jack London)

There are good reasons I’m reviewing these two books together. It’s not just because they’re both by Jack London, and both about dogs in the Klondike. Let me back up a bit. I went through a bit of a Jack London phase when I was a teenager – 14 sounds about right. I don’t remember … Continue reading The Call of the Wild (Jack London) and White Fang (Jack London)


Caleb’s Crossing (Geraldine Brooks)

Recently while decluttering some magazines, I ran across one from Plimoth Plantation, which I must have picked up on one of my visits there. In it was an article about the posthumous degree granted by Harvard to Joel Iacoomis in 2011. That article mentioned Caleb’s Crossing. Given my (intense) interest in most things related to … Continue reading Caleb’s Crossing (Geraldine Brooks)

American Slavery, American Freedom (Edmund Morgan)

I got this book for Christmas and finally got around to reading it. I’ve enjoyed some of Edmund Morgan’s other work (Visible Saints and The Puritan Family), though I suspect he is mildly out of date in places by now. (For instance, he says Thomas Jefferson’s relationship with Sally Hemings is based only on circumstantial … Continue reading American Slavery, American Freedom (Edmund Morgan)