The Chimes (Charles Dickens)

It's been a while since I read Dickens.  I loved him in high school – when all my friends hated him with a passion and were scared by A Christmas Carol – but then my reading habit fell off for several years.  Now that it’s back, there’s just so much Dickens to read.  I decided … Continue reading The Chimes (Charles Dickens)


The Bridge of San Luis Rey (Thornton Wilder)

I was reminded of this book after reading Turn Right at Macchu Picchu.  For their extensive network of roads to function in the Peruvian mountains, the Inca needed bridges to cross rivers and gorges.  So they engineered them out of grass.  Of course a grass bridge requires constant maintenance to stay together.  But don't let the … Continue reading The Bridge of San Luis Rey (Thornton Wilder)