The Tin Princess (Philip Pullman)

The last installment of the Sally Lockhart series, and one of the books I brought along on my recent trip to Florida. The other was Count Karlstein, another Pullman – and I promise, I do actually read other authors, and these will be the last Pullmans for the moment. Maybe someday I’ll tackle his best-known … Continue reading The Tin Princess (Philip Pullman)


The Tiger in the Well (Philip Pullman)

Another Sally Lockhart book, and man, these just keep getting better and better. The Tiger in the Well is fast-paced, suspenseful and addictive. But it’s not only a gripping read, it’s also insightful and sadly relevant in a lot of ways to our immediate cultural moment, despite being set in the 1880s. Definitely one that … Continue reading The Tiger in the Well (Philip Pullman)